Training, presentations, documents. Available almost immediately.


Trainings, presentations, documents. Available on request straight away

Our e-shop is for you. Please visit it, so you don’t have to:

  • wait for occupational health and safety specialist who will charge you awful amount of money to train one employee
  • generate documents by yourself or think how to complete them properly
  • gather information to prepare needed presentation without being convinced it’s done accurately and clear


You are worried that health and safety trainings is a pure theory which does not correspond with reality in your company. With us, you don’t have to worry any more. Our trainings are based on practice and are run by specialists with great experience in solving real problems: they deliver health and safety supervision at investments, they provide advice and carry out audits.  

In our e-shop you can find: 

initial trainings
H&S periodic
  • Always at the same time. 
  • Always at the same price 
  • In Polish – every Wednesday at 12:00noon 
  • In English – every Monday at 2pm 
  • for employers and managers/supervisors (PL and ENG)
  • for engineers and technical employees (PL and ENG) 
  • for office workers/administration (PL and ENG) 
  • for employees of Health and Safety Service (PL) 
  • for teachers (PL and ENG) 
  • Ergonomics of working at the computer (PL and ENG) 
  • Methodology of induction training (PL and ENG) 
  • Road safety -driving a company car and other vehicle (PL and ENG) 
  • Safety rules in the prevention of Covid-19 in workplace (PL) 
  • Manual handling (PL) 


Do you agree that irregularities in the documentation are most often revealed during inspections? Our clients do not have those worries. Documents templates they buy, are always up to date and if they have any issues or queries, they can always contact us. 

Types of documents available in our e-shop: 

expenditure analysis
OHSMS Documents according
to PN-ISO 45001:2018 standards
risk assessments

You will do it yourself – the document will guide you through the whole process. 

This analysis is based on G. Lehmann’s method. 

Documents has built-in calculator – when you fill the spaces, you will generate the result. 

This document with help you to quickly and easily develop and implement H&S Management System in your company. 

 And if you need our support, you can choose option incorporating consultation with us. 

For all industries and many specific job positions. 

Go to our e-shop and find the product that you need.

With us, you can easily develop professional Method Statement (IBWR) document, which should always be done before starting the work. 

Visit the e-shop


Are you a person responsible for health and safety in your company? Or maybe you conduct health and safety trainings? If so, you probably wondered once before, how to make trainees keep their health and safety knowledge for longer. We know the way to do it – interesting and substantive presentations, where you can look, to quickly find and remember given issue. 

In our e-shop you can find: 

  • Initial training – general information (PL, ENG i UK)
  • H&S periodic training  – for employers and people responsible for H&S (PL)
  • H&S periodic training – for office workers/administration (PL)
  • H&S periodic training – for labourers (PL)
  • Fire Safety training (PL and ENG)
  • The role and responsibilities of managers/supervisors (PL and ENG)
  • Methodology of induction training (PL)
  • First Aid (PL and ENG)
  • Working at height (PL)
  • Mobile lifts – working at heights (PL)
  • Work in confined spaces (PL)
  • Manual handling (PL and ENG)
  • Scaffolding (PL)
  • Ground work – excavations (PL) 
  • And many more.

Why our e-shop is worth visiting? 

Maybe we don’t know each other. You are in our e-shop for the very first time and you consider if our products are worth the money. We understand your worries. After all, you want all the processes related to occupational health and safety to be carried out at the highest level. True? We care about that too. We make every effort to make sure that our products are refined in every aspect: substantive, didactic, functional.  

We know what we sell, therefore we offer you satisfaction guarantee for all the products purchased.  

If the product does not meet your expectations, you will get your money back. 

We will not ask for the reasons. However, we will appreciate you tell us why you were not satisfied so we could improve the product.

Why else?


The more money you spent, the bigger discount you get.

Loyalty programme

Buy in our store, collect the points and exchange them for products.

Affiliate programme

Did you consider recommend our products to earn money? Join our affiliate programme “Become our ally”  and see how easy it is.


„Very interesting training, thematic scope presented in a very accessible way. Interesting tests, access to specific legal requirements. Highly recommended.”


“The courses were exceptional, and the staff were extremely helpful, expedient and professional. I highly recommend.”


„I recommend it, it is very clear and convenient form of supplementing knowledge in the field of health and safety.”

Renata Gunerka

“I am health and safety specialist and I have great understanding of the training available online. Due to the need of periodic training, I browsed many websites. I chose BHP Consulting. The training is very well prepared graphically with all the required information. I highly recommend it.”


„Very interesting. Knowledge gained is easily applied in the practice. I recommend it.”


„Clear and concise material, the right amount for this type of training. I recommend it.”


„Just what I expected from this training :)”


„Great presentation! Played videos work great on the imagination. It covers all the important issues for the initial training. I highly recommend. Money very well invested.”

Łukasz BHP

„Great presentation! Very transparent and substantively consistent with the general training programme.”

M-Professional Monika Piwowars

„A sensational presentation for people from the industry. Everything in on place. I highly recommend it.”


„Very proffessional presentation.”


„It is what I’ve been looking for, for a while. A substantive supplement to the presentation on works at heights.”

Łukasz Opach

„Materials carefully prepared. Wide offer, a lot to choose from.”


„Materials carefully prepared. They describe manual work quite well. Not much about ergonomics of manual handling itself and about the load on the musculoskeletal system during the manual handling as it is calculated in MAC and KIM risk assessments.”


Are you looking for a company that will fully implement the health and safety rules in your company?

You are in the right place. Contact us and we will certainly answer all your questions, we will offer appropriate training, or we will carry out health and safety supervision of your investment.

Feel free to contact us

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