Initial trainings

You are probably aware they are mandatory. Do you hire new employees? In that case you know that new employees, before they are allowed to start working, must complete health and safety training, so they are familiar with basic occupational health and safety rules. The question is what kind of training form to choose; online or face-to-face? We offer both options.


  • In Polish
    Every Wednesday at 12noon
  • In English
    Every Monday at 2pm

Link sent to you on the day of the training


  • Either in our training rooms or in your company.
  • If you interested

Are online trainings as beneficial as stationary training?

It is obvious that online training is more convenient and cheaper, but is it just as beneficial?

YES. The process of face to face training and online training is exactly the same. Trainees see the instructor and they can ask him questions, and after completing either of them, they receive initial training card.

What else do you need to know about initial training?

Objective: the main objective is to make the trainees familiar with the regulations, safety rules and possible risks that the workplace brings (general health and safety training, induction training).


  • general training – carried out by the occupational health and safety specialists
  • induction training – carried out by the supervisor/manager

Documentation: initial training card.

Are you looking for a company that will fully implement the health and safety rules in your company?

You are in the right place. Contact us and we will certainly answer all your questions, we will offer appropriate training, or we will carry out health and safety supervision of your investment.

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